Namantran Bhulekh Rajasthan State Apna Khata (Apna khata raj nic in) e-Dharti Nakal Khasra Jamabandi / Conversion, Khevat / Khatoni How to view online?

Apna Khata Jamabandi / Namantran E-Dharti

new project created by the Government of Rajasthan, all the people of Rajasthan can check their Khasra Jamabandi Khewat / Khatoni number online. Digitally signed or signed Jamabandi of Tehsildar can be withdrawn by paying only ₹ 10.

Now two types of imitations are found here.

  1. Informational copy which is for our information only.
  2. E-signed authorized copy which is digitally signed or e-signed Jamabandi copy of Tehsildar.

The name of this scheme has been named Apna Khata Jamabandi e-Dharti. Which is called Bhulekh also, Bhulekh is made up of two different words, Bhulekh.

Under this scheme, every landowner can see the complete details of his land, Jamabandi / copy of the transfer Bhulekh. Under the Government of Rajasthan Revenue Board Jamabandi, all the people of Rajasthan can see their Jamabandi Khevat / Khatoni Bhulekh online.

? Name of the scheme:Apna khata raj nic in Bhulekh
? Launched by: Rajasthan State Government 
? Beneficiary:Citizens of Rajasthan 
? Purpose of the scheme: To get land records related information 
? Official website link:

Jamabandi copy of their land, land or farm, copy of, Khasra number, land map now everyone can see online through internet mobile computer. E-signed authorized copy can be obtained. The main objective of this online portal is to give information to the people of Rajasthan about their land or land.

E-Signed Jamabandi Fee:₹10
E-Signed Conversion Fee:₹20
Apna Khata Jamabandi e Dharti राजस्थान जमाबंदी खतोनी नकल नामांतरण खसरा अपना खाता 2021

Benefits of Apna Khata e-Dharti

Bhulekh you can find out your Khasra Number, Khatauni Number Jamabandi Number.

In Bhulekh Rajasthan, all of you can see the details of your land sitting at home and can also remove e-sign Jamabandi with Tehsildar’s digitally signed or signed.

If you want to know about your land, then there is no need to go to Patwarkhana near Patwari. You can get this facility only after registering in Rajasthan Apnakhata.

How to Check Apna Khata/Jamabandi Online?

1st Step: the below to view your account online button Click on. But before that, he should understand well how to remove online Jamabandi copying Bhulekh.

2nd Step: Select your district and tehsil in the map to get the copy of Jamabandi/transposition of Apna khata. 

जमाबंदी नामांतरण की प्रतिलिपि के लिए जिला व तहसील का चुनाव

3rd Step: After the election of the district and tehsil, enter the Jamabandi in the year last or current. E-Dharti Choose your village to get the copy of the Jamabandi/transposition (Village Patwar Mandal Bhu-Abhiniri. Virt (Samvat))

जमाबंदी ई-धरती वर्ष गत अथवा चालू में दर्ज करें

4th Step: Select the applicant’s information like applicant’s name, applicant’s city, applicant’s address, applicant’s pin code. Apna khata – a copy of Jamabandi or copy of transference, choose any one of these two options. 

आवेदक की जानकारी apna khata raj nic e-Dharti नामांतरण

5th Step: Select any one of the following options to get the Jamabandi copy. With your account number, by Khasra number, by name, by GRN. As soon as you select, the information of Jamabandi is in front of you.

6th Step: For information on Apna khata raj nic in you can get a copy for free. You have to pay a fee of ₹10 for Jamabandi and ₹20 for a copy of the conversion to get an e-signed authorized copy. 

apna khata rajasthan nic in

District wise mutation status (namantaran) Name Total MutationMutation SanctionedMeanMedian
1Ajmer143 5011293172014
2Alwar144 2151370062011
11Jalore76 61069 7272617
28Bhilwara100 15189 0902515
30to remove roadblocks44,55040,9322919

District wise mutation/namantaran status as on 08/12/2021

How to check Apna Khata Jamabandi Nakal by name?

Step 1: Apna Khata raj nic in web portal Open the.
Step 2: Select your district and tehsil name in the Rajasthan state map.
Step 3: Enter the name of the village.
Step 4: Select the details of the applicant like the applicant’s name, city, address, pin code.
Step 5: Enter the name and find the information of Jamabandi.

How to view/get your Apna Khata Namantaran copy?

Step 1: Apna khata raj nic in web portal Open.
Step 2: Select your district and tehsil name in the Rajasthan state map.
Step 3: Select the name of the village.
Step 4: Select the details of the applicant like the applicant’s name, city, address, pin code.
Step 5: Select the correct transfer option and transfer number such as discharge, inheritance, gift, corrigendum, endorsement, abdication, partition.
Step 6:conversionapna transfer, after paying ₹ 20 for the fee at copy You can get the.

Can we check Apna Khata Jamabandi Nakal for free?

1. Jamabandi copy can be downloaded for free to watch by everyone. This is a Jamabandi copy for informational purposes.
2. Apna Khata e-Dharti Jamabandi You have to pay a fee of ₹ 10 to get the signed authorized copy.

Important notice:

If the website is not working then it could possibly be the reason- At

this time many people are using the e-Dharti portal of the Rajasthan government at once. Due to this, the server is not working. A copy of Jamabandi is available on the ApnaKhata Jamabandi e-Dharti website under agricultural land records of Rajasthan state.

The purpose of this information is to get general information. This copy cannot be used as a certified / authorized copy in the court or other office even at this time.

Please apply at the designated Kiosk Center to get the certified/authorized copy of the Jamabandi/transposition copy. Or get a digitally signed or e-signed Jamabandi copy of Tehsildar through E-Mitra login. 

Tehsildar’s digitally signed or e-signed Apna Khata Jamabandi copy can be easily obtained by paying only ₹ 10 fees on the public information portal.

Mahabhulekh, 7/12, 8A How to View Online

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