Mamlatdar and Nayab Mamlatdar Work, Salary, Pay Scale, Grade, Allowance, Perks, Recruitment, Age, Education Criteria [Gujarat] [Mamlatdar Salary]

“Mamlatdar” is not a new post. Designed by the Central Government for ease of operation. It has existed since ancient times. The word is derived from the Arabic word “muamla” which stands for complex matters. Mamlatdar is a state government employee who has the responsibility of looking after the revenue administration in the talukas of any state.

1Post NameMamlatdar
2Type of jobState Government Job 
3Pay Grade/Range Rs 4600
4Salary/Payment Rs 13,900 to Rs. 39,400 on Monthly Basis
5Age Criteria20 to 30 Years
6Education Qualification Graduate

Mamlatdar and Nayab Mamlatdar Grade and Pay Scale 

Both Mamlatdar and Nayab Mamlatdar or Deputy Mamlatdar get a grade pay which is equal to Rs. 4600. This grade pay will increase on promotion.

Monthly Salary of Mamlatdar 

The monthly salary of any person recruited to the post of Mamlatdar form range from Rs.13,900 to Rs. 39,400 on a monthly basis.

Allowances and Perquisites

Since all Mamlatdars and Up Mamlatdars are recruited by the state government (authorities), they get many allowances and allowances like other government employees. They get to travel and accommodation allowances. ProDearness Allowance is another benefit that is given to these employees. Apart from this, they also get the facility of PF and pension. A certain percentage of this salary is deducted every month during their service life. When they retire from the post, the Provident fund amount is transferred to their accounts. They are also entitled to get a pension for life.

Role of मामलतदार and नायाब मामलतदार

  1. Revenue Administration – The Mamlatdar has to play the role of the Chief Coordinator of the Revenue Department in the Taluka.
  2. Coordinating with other departments – In addition to looking after the revenue department, these employees should relay information between several departments at taluka levels.
  3. Revenue Collection – Another duty of the Naiab Mamlatdar and Mamltdar is to collect the revenue in the taluka.
  4. Coordinating work of revenue personnel – The responsibility of collecting revenue in the taluka has been placed on the shoulders of the revenue collectors. They coordinate the work of these employees.
  5. Maintenance of Land Records – The main function of मामलतदार and नायाब मामलतदार is to keep all the land records in order. They need to check these papers and keep them up to date.
  6. Maintenance of Government Land – Another next responsibility of the Mamlatdar is to maintain Government land records. They have to ensure that there is illegal construction or encroachment on these plots.
  7. Arrears Collection of– It is the job of the Mamltdar to ensure that all dues are collected on time. The Deputy Mamltdar needs to keep track of all the dues. Once the dues are collected, he has to prepare the documents and submit them to the Mamlatdar’s office.

Eligibility of मामलतदार and नायाब मामलतदार (For Recruitment)

  1. Age Criteria – All interested applicants, who wish to appear for मामलतदार and नायाब मामलतदार Recruitment Exam, must fall in the age group of 20 and 30 years.
  2. Educational Criteria – All the applicants who want to appear in this recruitment exam must have successfully completed their graduation from any reputed college or university.

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